Are you ready to Rock Your Ride™?

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If you're new to CycleBar or new to indoor cycling, we've got everything you need to know right here.



This library of millions of songs and videos brings pedal-turning, heart-stopping, music-pumping fun every single time you ride.



We measure the six key metrics of your daily and historical performance, and email you the results after each ride to help you track the progress of your fitness journey.



CycleBar offers a rocking array of classes each and every week, so that no matter how you want to Rock Your Ride, we’ve got a workout for you.



Part sanctuary, part rock concert. Our state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting technology envelops you to create a multisensory experience every single ride.

CycleStar Instructors

CycleStar® Instructors

Equal parts educator, DJ, drill sergeant, motivator, and friend; our CycleStar Instructors will help you improve your performance, reach your goals, and change your life one ride at a time.


New @ CycleBar

New to indoor cycling? First time at CycleBar? We’ll tell you what to expect on your first visit, and help you get ready to Rock Your Ride.